Preparing your mind and body for a comfortable night of sleep


One of the best things any human can do to their body and mind is getting quality sleep everyday irrespective of their habits or occupation. Quality sleep is not only good for your healthy, it increases your levels of alertness during the day enabling you to run your day making proper decisions that can have a positive impact on your life be it socially or physically. So, how can we get this precious commodity in plenty? What can we do so that every night we get quality shut eye? Below are effective tips for preparing your mind and body for a comfortable night of sleep.

Watch what you eat/drink a few hours before sleeping

345465ythrgtereThe minute your body is not comfortable, you are more likely to have a night full of various discomforts. What you eat can have either a negative impact on your sleep or a positive impact on your sleep. For instance, taking caffeinated drinks a few minutes prior to sleeping can have a negative impact on the quality of sleep you will have. Most coffees and other caffeine filled drinks help you stay awake so taking such drinks while preparing to sleep is probably a bad idea. Alternatively, eating too much food can also cause discomforts at night reducing the quality of your sleep. The rule of the thumb is to make sure that you always eat moderately and stay away from anything that can throw you off balance as far as the quality of your sleep is concerned.

Try relaxation techniques

A relaxed mind simply translates to a peaceful sleep at night. A little bit of relaxing soft music tailored to switch your mind and body into a relaxing state can help you easily fall asleep and remain so until morning. However, if you are not into music, just shutting your eyes and focusing your energy and mind in relaxing in either a quiet place inside your bedroom can help you dose off easily. The best way to execute this tip is to keep all noises away and make your room or relaxing place as quiet as possible.

Make your sleeping area comfortable

A comfortable night of sleep will start with a comfortable sleeping area. Unkempt bedroom, unkempt bed or dirty and smelly bed-sheets will never give you the comfort you need when you want to have a good night’s sleep. So, make sure your room is tailored specifically to switch your mind and body off day’s work and activities and kick in your ‘sleeping moods’. At this review here, Zach Davis discloses that you can ensure that you have a comfortable bedroom by making sure that you buy a good memory foam mattress and good pillows to supplement your sleeping position.  Your bedroom should automatically switch your ‘sleeping moods’ on as opposed to making you feel awake and stressed.

Keep your gadgets/books out of your room

32456y453What you feed your mind prior to sleeping can affect your sleep. Going to bed with your laptop, tablet, phone or your favorite book will not give you the sleep you want. This is because you will not only be carried away by what you are doing either watching movies, chatting, reading or working but you will find yourself sleeping later than you intended. Also, chances of you having disturbing dreams depending on what you were watching prior to sleeping is very high. Your gadgets can also receive emails or messages in the middle of the night which can wake you up disrupting the quality of your sleep. To help yourself sleep comfortably, switch off your phones as soon as you hit your bedroom and treat your bedroom as it is, a room meant for sleeping only. No work, no chatting, no reading or watching movies in your bedroom because some of these can bring emotions and stress. You do not want to sleep stressed, do you?

All the above tips can affect your mind and body in various ways hindering the quality of your sleep. So, getting rid of some of these habitual habits can get your body and your mind in the right mindset before sleeping making you have a comfortable sleep each night.