Drug test

How To Use Synthetic Urine to Pass a Drug Test

If you have an upcoming urine drug test which you need to pass, your best chance will be to use synthetic urine. Of course staying clean does work as well, but you can never be too sure of how clean you are. You might have taken something even without your knowledge. Synthetic or fake urine is always guaranteed to work and can be purchased easily from online stores. Getting the right synthetic urine is usually the main key to success with this method. Some labs taste for a fake pee. This means that you have to get high-quality synthetic urine that can pass all the possible tests subjected to it.

Facts to know

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Synthetic urine has all properties or real urine, except for the fact that it does not contain traces of drugs. That means that it can be used for any test usually done by urinalysis. Whichever drug they are testing for, synthetic urine will help you get clean results. However, the quality of the synthetic urine does matter a lot. Presenting low-quality fake urine can lead to the sample being rejected, making all the money and trouble spent in submitting the sample, go to waste.

When to use synthetic urine

afgvsfebdfcafThe supervision of those who will be testing you is what determines whether you should use synthetic urine. Some may give you an opportunity to go to a bathroom and pee in a cup, allowing you time to present the synthetic urine. According to drug test ninja, you should also ensure that you can bring the mixture to the right temperature before submitting it. For tight supervision, you may consider using a whizznator, or products of similar nature. A whizznator is a discrete device used for hiding synthetic urine within your body.

How to smuggle the synthetic urine in

Some personal smart moves and quick thinking will be required to succeed with this. A few ideas on where you can hide the synthetic urine include wearing two drawers and stashing the synthetic urine in between, taping a small container of the synthetic urine to your body, and stashing it in the bra for women. You can also attach the synthetic urine on a belt worn under your clothes, or pre-stash it in the bathroom before the time for the tests comes.